Classroom Management Plan


Classroom Management Philosophy

I will base my classroom management philosophy on the works of Jacob Kounin.  Kounin’s eight variables for describing the group management of teachers (Arends ,p. 182, 183, table 5.1) provide an easy to follow approach for managing an effective classroom.  The concepts of with-itness, overlappingness, smoothness, momentum, group alerting, accountability, challenge arousal, and variety will keep the students on task and in turn help them be more productive and behave better.  While looking at the table one can see that most these variables have a positive effect on the students’ behaviors and production.  As Kounin believes, I too think it is very important to establish the rules of the classroom at the very beginning.  Students need to have a structured guide to what will be expected of them from the very start.  I will encourage a very active classroom and it will be my job to manage the students and keep the classroom productive.  In math, I believe working with others can be a very effective way of learning.  I will encourage students to work together on homework and quizzes.  This will cause a somewhat loud classroom at times but will be encouraged.  It will be my job to manage these group work times and keep the students on task and get the non-involved students to participate.  I will also encourage group challenges to keep the students enthusiastic about the subject material.  Overall I would like to have a very active but organized classroom and provide all students a fair chance for learning at their highest capacity.


Classroom Rules and Procedures

It is very important to have a safe environment for the students that will encourage learning to take place. 

  • All students will be required to respects their teacher, classroom, and classmates.  Things such as name-calling, bullying, and putdowns will not be accepted and I will have zero tolerance for these behaviors. 
  • Student will be allowed to eat and drink in the classroom as long as they clean up after themselves and are not disruptive.
  • Math is a subject that needs to be practiced over and over.  We will have homework every day except for Friday.  Homework will be required to be turned in on the given due date.  Students will be encouraged to work together on homework and will be given time in class to do so.
  • Students will be encouraged to work together on quizzes.  There will be a quiz each Friday.  The students will be allowed to use the text book and notes during these quizzes.
  • Late homework will always be accepted.  Points will be deducted for each week the homework is late.  It is important to remember that the homework is essential for doing well in this subject.  The more you practice, the easier it will be.
  • Students will be required to be seated in the classroom when the bell rings.  The school’s tardiness rules will be enforced. 
  • Absolutely no cell phones, tablets, or lap tops will be allowed.
  • It is important to be alert during our class period.  Heads will be up and no one will be allowed to sleep. 


Behavior Management Plans

Failure to follow the rules given will have consequences.  Students who are able to follow the rules will be rewarded.  See below.

  • As stated above, there will be zero tolerance for name-calling, bullying, and putdowns.  Students who are seen or heard participating in these types of behaviors will be immediately removed from the classroom.  The student will be given a grade of zero on the homework for that day missed.  The student will be allowed to return the next day.
  • A student who leaves behind food or drink items such as but not limited to candy wrappers, soda cans, plastic bottles, etc. will be given a warning.  If it happens a second time they will be put on a month’s food and drink probation.  A third time and their right to eat and drink will be permanently taken away.
  • Late homework will be deducted five points for each week it is late.  For each week a student does not miss an assignment they will be rewarded with 5 points that will be added to their weekly quiz grade.
  • If cell phones, tablets, or lap tops are seen being used or heard I will immediately confiscate the device and put it on my desk.  The student will be allowed to have it back after the class period.
  • Students who show great citizenship will be rewarded.  Actions such as helping another student out, participation, complimenting others, good manners, and following the given rules will be encouraged.  Students will be able to choose from a variety of rewards when recognized.  No homework passes or extra credit points on tests and quizzes will be the rewards for these actions.